Testimonials about other programs

Here are some testimonials about programs related to the wide field of metaphysics:

Program: Dealing with Difficult Diagnoses

"Dan and Okka are fantastic. Their years of experience shine through in this class. True to Dan and Okka's style, Diagnosis cancer will teach you much more than how to use a technique: the class will teach you the basic principles in working with people who have received a difficult diagnosis. I highly recommend Dan and Okka's Class."

W. Wood, Hypnotist


Program: Chakra-Balancing

"Thank you very much for sharing your technique for chakra balancing. You gave a delightful, warm presentation ... simple enough to make us all feel comfortable and capable, yet very empowering! I enjoyed the experience very much & hope you'll continue to teach. You are an excellent teacher. I'm sure we all left feeling much more validated, joyful, centered committed to doing whatever work we've been called to do. Thank you!

J.K. Hypnotist, California


Program: "Spirit Release Techniques"

"Okka teaches spirit release techniques as a simple, non-threatening, fearless process. She has many years of experience using these techniques and gives fascinating examples of cases in which dramatic changes have occurred. The course is not about whether spirit attachment is real or not -- who knows for sure? It's simply about how these techniques result in incredible healing and improvement in the quality of the clients' lives.

As a practitioner myself, I would highly recommend this course as a vital addition to your toolbox for assisting clients."

J.K. Hypnotist, California


Program: "Past Life Regression"

"Okka, thank you so much for the wisdom, love, and energy you shared with us this past weekend at the “Exploring Past Lives” class at the UP Hypnosis Institute in Palm Harbor.  I’m still feeling the wonderful effects and know they will continue for a looooooooooong time.  You are such a wonderful teacher and role model, and your words, ideas, and compassion resonate in my heart."

J. R., Hypnotist, Fl