Testimonials from clients

Here are some of the many comments and testimonials Okka received over the years from her clients:


"My phone sessions with Okka have truly been life changing! All of her techniques and energy are just as effective as if “in person”. I initially came to Okka for help with a knee problem, then we warp speeded into emotional and spiritual work and it has been phenomenal. If you are serious about making changes and want to work with the best, let go of the notion that it has to be “in person”: give Okka a call today!"

Stephanie D., CHT


"Okka helped me to make a life altering transition with spiritual and practical clarity. I love the variety of healing modalities she is so skillful in using. I feel the power of the energy work and appreciate her humor, directness, intelligence and intuition."

Kim W., Consultant


"Okka, I am so grateful for the work you do. I have been to many practitioners looking for help with my problems. You are the only one who has been able to assist me in healing my emotional wounds from this as well as past lives. I have been able to let go of patterns and behaviors that caused me so much pain. I am now free to experience joy in life. You helped me remember who I am."

Alice M., RN


"Okka is a very fine healer. She helped me with my depression and affected a significant change in my weight loss and gain pattern. Today I have no problem with how much I eat. I eat sensibly and don't crave sweets. Also my overall attitude and state of being is greatly improved."

Patma L.


"I have been a client of Okkas' for two years. She has been able to remove chronic pain in my neck, lower back and hips through her healing techniques. I come out of a session feeling refreshed and very cared for."

Vickey E., CMT


"Okka helped me to understand and look at my relationships from a different perspective. By making some simple changes in how I viewed my issues, my life has become much richer."

Cathy K., RN


I would just like to thank you for all you assistance with communication with my various animal friends over the years.  Your kindness & compassion is heartfelt, as well as your accurate insights into the whatever the current situation presents.  We thank you for always being present when needed.

Tina & friends from West Point, CA