Testimonials about the LuxMani Programs

Here are some of the many comments and testimonials Okka received from her students about the LuxMani Programs


"Your LuxMani class was wonderful! You provided insights and information that not only expanded our minds but also prepared us to use the light and our hands. Thank you so much for teaching us about intention, expectation, and energy as well as allowing us to experience our own healing processes. I asked, believed, received, and am ready to provide a service to the world NOW. I can still see your smile, Okka, and will carry with me always your joy, love, and light."

Jan R., Certified Hypnotherapist, fl


"Less than a week after my training, I used LuxMani on a friend suffering from fibromyalgia. Her knees were in pain and she was having difficulty walking. I treated her according to Okka's training and afterward she said that her left leg was 99% improved, and her right leg 75%. The following day she felt the same and said she hadn't been free from pain like this for many months. LuxMani is incredibly potent, and Okka Holthuis is a fantastic instructor."

Susan M., Certified Hypnotist, Fl


"Okka's LuxMani class is a delightful combination of fun, comraderie, and intense instruction in many healing modalities. I have been a Reiki practitioner and Silva graduate for many years and feel this class took me to a level that I had been searching for and desiring of. I look forward to taking LuxMani II to further my expertise. You don't want to miss this incredible class!"

Katie C., Certified Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Fl


"LuxManihas brought some astonishing healing in my life, guiding me from a most despondent, lost space to one of context enthusiasm. I am proud to be empowered to give as well as receive it."

Erich.L. Business/Legal consultant, Ca


"WOW! Definitely more powerful than Reiki and Therapeutic Touch! I thoroughly enjoyed the training and will be incorporating LuxMani into my practice."

Linda K., Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Energy Practitioner, Flower Essence Practitioner, Colorad


"Excellent! Wonderful! Okka created a very nurturing space. It allowed all of us to bring ourselves forward to identify what we wanted to work on. Your knowledge was imparted in a very clear manner. The class was very powerful. I am thankful I came. I learned a lot AND experienced a lot."

Kim W.Organization Consultant, CA


"It is a wonderful system of healing that is already within you and life changes start to happen immediately once you begin the process of opening yourself up for it. I liked the practical and loving way it was presented."

S. B., Hypnotherapiest, Ca


"The structure of the seminar was brilliant. I was able to join in easily. This work supports changes within, is fun and simply feels good."

Nike. B, Hypnotherapist, Germany