Testimonial from Alan Barsky

Here is Alan Barsky's story:

I recommend seeing Okka Holthuis to help with any condition that seems to linger and never leave. Thanks to Okka's work, I can finally breath again. I have had a variety of breathing problems for many years. I grew up in a cigarette-filled household. During the last year, for some mysterious reason, my nose stuffed up in the afternoons, and evenings (but not my sinuses). As a hypnotist, my clients were hearing me with my stuffed nose. It made for some strange tapes to be sure. Over the counter medicine kept it open at night, but during the day, it rebounded and I was stuck. Quitting the medication didn't help at all. I had spent hundreds of dollars on herbal medications with little or limited success.

Okka did a private session with me. She located energy points by having her hand above my body. She pointed to my solar plexus. She said something was amiss here. Interestingly, my zyphoid bone sticks out. How Okka could pick it out by just holding her hand above my body is something hard to understand. It has been that way as long as I can remember.  Sometimes a chiropractor could get it to go in for a while. But I had no control over it before Okka.  Holding her hand above my chest, she asked me questions and determined that I could open my breathing in my nose by practicing my breathing as if coming from here at my chest. Plus she advised to practice a chakra meditation with focusing on this point, the third chakra, the power chakra.

I, along with many others had just finished a class with her, and she advised me to do the meditation along the lines of the powerful new ways I had just learned. She told me that I was more powerful than I was taking credit for. That I was not coming to my full power and not accepting that Truth was holding me back. Well, it works. Much of the time I can meditate on this chest area and my nose will open, and it will open into a breathing pattern. What a life-saver. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Oh, and my zyphoid bone? Within minutes of starting the meditation, it gently relaxes in! It has even changed my posture.

Okka's class can be described as learning "turbocharged Reiki". By adding her methods onto the energy work I already practice, I can feel it increasing in strength. It isn't a subtle change. The techniques and methods she taught expand and increase the effectiveness of all my work. I recommend all those who practice Reiki and other energy methods consider learning the tools she brings to light to whatever one now practices.

Alan Barsky,  CHt, CMH
Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Hypnotist
Co-author "How To Get UNstuck", endorsed by over
a dozen medical doctors and institutions