Research: Hypnosis for Dementia

Hypnotherapy could provide significant rehabilitating benefit to Dementia sufferers

Researchers at Liverpool University have found that hypnotherapy can help those suffering from dementia improve their illnesses and restore their memory.

Forensic psychologist Dr. Simon Duff studied the effects of hypnotherapy on dementia sufferers compared to conventional, traditional methods, as well as group therapy.

He noticed a significant improvement in those who had received hypnotherapy compared to the standard treatment.

Dr. Duff, who is conducting further research into the long-term benefits that hypnotherapy can have, said, “Those having regular hypnosis sessions showed real improvement across all of the areas that we looked at whilst the group who received treatment as usual showed a small decline over the assessment period.”

Hypnosis is a totally natural procedure and requires no drug or equipment, completely relying on the relaxation of the patient. It can be compared to ‘day dreaming’ with the subconscious mind taking an active role.

It is believed that the subconscious mind is less affected by the disease and thus tapping into that could provide significant benefits.

He added, “Participants who are aware of the onset of dementia may become depressed and anxious at their gradual loss of cognitive ability,” said Dr. Duff, adding that hypnotherapy could help sufferers relax so that they can concentrate on positive activities.”

~ Find A Care Home, June 9th 2010