Welcome to the Rainbow Healing Center

  • Are you looking for alternative healing modalities because you or your loved-one is faced with
    - a serious illness
    - radiation- or chemotherapy
    - preparation for surgery
    - severe pain?
  • Do you want to make changes in your life, feel better about yourself, overcome problems that are holding you back?
  • Are you looking for a deeper, more loving connection with yourself? Would you like to re-connect with your spiritual aspect more consciously?


Mind-Body-Hypnosis and Energy-Medicine can help you to:

  • Find inner peace and calmness while going through challenging times

  • Change unwanted habits like smoking

  • Increase your motivation and develop more self confidence

  • Discover Past Lives and bring peace to unresolved issues


Okka Holthuis - Doctor of Natural Medicine and Hypnotist

Okka Holthuis is a very experienced holistic practitioner with extensive training in allopathic and complementary approaches to healing. She is highly respected for her skills, dedication, and compassion, not only by her fellow professionals but also by her clients.

In 2010 Okka not only received the prestigious Humanitarian Award 2010 from the International Association of Counselors and Therapist in recognition of her acts of altruism in the hypnosis community. The Hypnosis Education Association honored Okka in November 2010 with the Earl Yawman Award - the highest award given - for the exceptional accomplishments in advancing the field of Hypnosis.

Okka Holthuis, hypnotist and Dr. of Natural Medicine in West Palm Beach, Florida


Here are some affirmations created and designed by Okka and intended to stimulate your healing process.



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When you are interested to hear Gregg Braden talk about meta-physical healing and different levels of inner consciousness, please watch this video. It was produced by Louis Hay Film, and describes in an easy to understand way, how we are all connected and how healing occurs.


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